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You Could Learn A Lot From A WhaleMigrating whales cover a lot of territory.

AFT Summer Learning Calendar 2006

Exploring Geography

June 5, 2006
Junior globetrotters get a virtual experience with AFT’s Summer Learning Calendar 2006.
Washington, DC | CMS, Flash, eLearning

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) develops an annual Summer Learning Calendar online to facilitate continuous learning during the summer. The calendar provides weekly lessons, games, puzzles and a calendar of events from all over the nation to help kids explore each year's theme.

In 2004 GeekPAK began by developing a content management system that enables the AFT to automate the rotation of lessons and allows them to create a richer web of interrelated content, creating hundreds of page combinations to spark the imagination. Most importantly, the AFT can now use one tool to manage a revolving cycle of themes for future calendars, allowing staff to focus on enhancing content without the hassle of managing the technical infrastructure.

Summer 2006's Learning Calendar is based on Geography. This year the AFT has teamed with the National Geographic's My Wonderful World campaign aimed towards involving kids with geography. The new design interfaces old geographical tools with new technology evoking a sense of adventure with each lesson.

The kids had a blast playing these games!

Project Highlights:
+ Navigational game taking kids around the world with animals as tour guides.

+ Daily and weekly projects for students

+ Unique user interface for enhanced gaming experience

+ Additional side games like memory and word scramble

Modules used to create this site:
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