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New GeekPAK Features Added in 2008

December 31, 2008

GeekPAK has been under constant development and refinement since 2001. Here are some of the features and items added to the codebase in 2008.

Topic Tray Options System

GeekPAK revised the system for managing topics. Not only can you select from a series of page templates, but you now have control over specific features by topic page. New topic options available include:

Topic List Control

  • number of rows
  • number of columns
  • table layout like grid, tabular, weighted
  • table content like title / subtitle, title and description
  • show image thumbnails in lists
  • list link type
  • list pager options, including type and position
  • sort orders
  • blog / comment engine toggle
  • enhanced table highlight rows for featured content

Example: leverages this tool to show multiple data types in multiple list formats.

Enhanced Calendar and Scheduling

A better system of event replication and repetition was implemented.

Enhanced flexible database structure

This new enhanced schema improves upon the GeekPAK data model by providing speed enhancements and speed of development enhancements.

New data replication code

Revised data replication code provides speed increases of up to 8 times faster.

Enhanced eCommerce product data

Product data can now include enhanced product features tracking and more flexible product specifications management.

Tags and Filtering

New user and content creator content tagging system implemented to supplement content organization by extending beyond site navigational structure to include tagging by term and keyword.

Example: The term Social Networking is used here to supplement the site's navigational structure and display all resources about social networking.

Example: Terms can also be used for filtering and enhanced searching. Here a list of 431 items is reduced to a list of 8 items by the Blind / Low Vision filter.

Embedded and Call-Out Pages

You can now use mini-pages within pages to provide additional content, enhanced related document jumping points and general visual interest. This feature enables users to create mini-pages that can be used and reused across a site.

Example: This page embeds 3 mini pages within the larger page in the sections called “results” and “Results The Fund Is Achieving”.

Other Features

Enhanced nodal navigation code for large data sets and deep web site structures in excess of 200 topics.

Enhanced file management including auto-generation of file thumbnails and auto-detection of file type and usage.

Enhanced CRM including improved education, publishing and credentials tracking.

Ehanced CRM added industry specific support for film and tv.

Enhanced captcha system added for forms and data collection.

RSS Syndication.

If you are an existing client and you would like to upgrade to the latest version of GeekPAK, give us a call at 888.GeekPAK (888.433.5725) or email.

If your website or CMS doesn't have these features we'd love to talk to you about what GeekPAK could do for you. Contact us for a quote at 888.GeekPAK (888.433.5725) or send us an email.

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