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New GeekPAK Features Added in 2009

2010 Roadmap Announced

January 4, 2010

At GeekPAK we made the best of 2009 and kept an eye towards innovation and the addition of new features. Here's a list of what we accomplished as well as a quick roadmap for 2010.

Topic Page Multi-List Types

We enhanced the topic options system to allow multiple table types per topic, that are configurable for each individual subtopic.

Example: This page uses both grid and tabular lists.

We created enhanced display of people and biography based pages based on available data for a given person or organization. Biography pages adapt and display information as it is available for each user.

Example: Clicking on an author will generate a detailed listing of other publications if available.

New automated data entry of commonly used topic features to minimize data entry errors and basic configuration of topic and list pages.

Database Enhancements

Enhanced data version control was added, providing universal data backup and restore at the field and row level for user deleted data.

Improved cross time zone support and support for international content contributors was added.

We created a master synchronization tool to repair and rebuild badly corrupted databases.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module Enhancements

A new enhanced user system including enhanced user authentication, ip login, and group login features.

A new enhanced phone and contact model was implemented to include central / global phone data and location specific phone data for both people and organizations.

We added phone type grouping and enhanced form masking, including new social media account types.

Address type grouping was added for use in custom ecommerce processes and to assist with specific business logic requirements and flow processes.

Improved HTML conversion and HTML generation code to be more compliant with accessibility and web validator standards.

Enhanced reporting tools including more robust sort and preview routines across all modules.

Enhanced reporting tools to include standard output options in print, PDF and Excel.

Templating Engine Enhancements

We rewrote sections of the Template library increasing page performance by 30-40%.

Social Media Tools Integration

We added support for user generated short URLs for all pages site wide.

Extended display, search, and privacy settings to allow more granular control by users, including display control of biography pages, phone data, and address information by type and row.

Improved Searching

Enhanced eBlast System

Version 3.0 of eblast and mailings system was rolled out.

LIbrary Module 2.0

A new enhanced version 2.0 library module was developed.

2010 Roadmap

Catalog Options System

GeekPAK revised the system for managing individual web pages. Not only can you select from a series of page templates, but you now have control over specific features by page. New page options available include:

  • toggle user features like print this page / email to a friend
  • toggle social media icons on / off
  • toggle page rating and user feedback on / off
  • toggle comment engine and blog features on / off
  • toggle article summary on / off
  • toggle breadcrumb on / off
  • user created titles for sidebar URL headers
  • user created titles for sidebar related information headers
  • user created article kickers enabling custom reusable headers for items like press releases or other documents requiring reusable customizable lead-ins.

Enhanced User Tracking

We will dedicate development effort to enhancing the existing user tracking and web interaction analysis.

Online Data Entry Interfaces

Additional and supplemental web and device based data entry interfaces.

Other Features

Enhanced Embargoing and Page Preview

Tagging and Word Clouds will be enhanced.

Tell Us What You Would Like To See

Of course we would love to take the credit for all of the features and tools that make up GeekPAK, but the reality is that so much of it is based on solving real problems for our clients. So let us know what you would like to do and we'll add that into our roadmap too.

If you are an existing client and you would like to upgrade to the latest version of GeekPAK, give us a call at 888.GeekPAK (888.433.5725) or email.

If your website or CMS doesn't have these features we'd love to talk to you about what GeekPAK could do for you. Contact us for a quote at 888.GeekPAK (888.433.5725) or send us an email.

CMS Content Management Systems provide a structured, database driven suite of tools for managing your website. At GeekPAK our CMS can help you manage your website and your business.
CRM Customer Relationship Management involves managing relationships with current, former and prospective customers. The web is one of your primary contact points with your customers. Shouldn’t your website be a part of your CRM strategy? At GeekPAK we think it should, which is why we built our CMS from the ground up to do just that.
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