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GeekPAK Welcomes The National Japanese American Memorial Foundation To Our List Of Clients

September 30, 2011
GeekPAK always seeks the solution that is best for each client. Your needs come first, always.
In September, GeekPAK had the distinction of working with another distinguished organization, the National Japanese American Foundation. The National Japanese American Memorial stands in our nation's capitol as a Memorial to patriotism.  Their vision is to remember forever the Japanese American history of patriotism and perseverance for posterity. NJAMF's seeks to tell their story of service and sacrifice in protecting the Constitutional rights of all Americans.

GeekPAK worked with their existing Joomla infrastructure and site design to help them update and refresh the site without reinventing the wheel. We chose to maintain their Joomla infrastructure and existing site design because it best suited their budget and timeframe. GeekPAK always seeks the solution that is best for each client. Your needs come first, always.

GeekPAK has experience implementing sites with a variety of platforms including Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Joomla and more. We choose to use the GeekPAK CMS, not because we are unfamiliar with other tools, but rather because of our familiarity. Our experience working with a multitude of tools and platforms since the mid-1990s helps us to better understand what works and what does not. Because we understand CMS tools of all types across a variety of implementations and applications we are better able to develop our own CMS tool in a way that is easier to use, faster, cheaper, and more powerful than our competitors.

Despite our confidence in our own platform, we are committed to working with each client, where they are. We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with NJAMF and look forward to fulfilling their Joomla needs into the future.
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