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CMG Presentation - Geek Vs. Freak: The Showdown!


March 30, 2007
CleverSPIN was able to walk their talk.
On March 31, 2007, the Color Marketing Group invited cleverSPIN to speak at their Chicago Conference. They spoke on:

Beyond Branding: Experience Hybridization
The fusion of space, technology and graphics (STG) : Admitting that you aren't an expert in everything isn't necessarily a bad thing. Making choices based solely on good looks usually is. As consumers we expect more from less –– but are design industry processes keeping up?

Using the GeekPAK software, cleverSPIN was able to walk their talk. Rather than a standard powerpoint show–n–tell they created a non–linear interactive presentation to engage their audience, customizable to what the audience wanted to hear. Nobody got up during the middle and walked out, so they considered the talk successful and hope to perfect this new program in other venues... coming to a city near you.
T:  1.888.GEEKPAK (888.433.5725)
F:  718.836.0509
346 N. Justine
Chicago IL 60607-1010
564 72nd Street
Brooklyn NY 11209
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