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May 10, 2006
GeekPAK, created a one-of-a kind experience through integrating graphics and technology, providing Colori with a full identity package and website.
Chicago | Brand, CMS

When former road building contractor Michelle Herzog succeeded in convincing C2 paints to open their first showcase store in Chicago, she hired GeekPAK's expert team to transform her thoughts into reality. GeekPAK, created a one–of–a kind experience through integrating graphics and technology, providing Colori with a full identity package and website.

Inspired by the unique chemical mixture of C2 paint, GeekPAK created a clean, modern identity based on elements from the periodic table. The logo accentuates the 16 colorants within the paint and graphic references to the periodic table of elements allowing for a smart and flexible method of accentuating playful paint names and sundry products. White was used as the dominant platform to accentuate pops of color that can continuously change as new colors are introduced.

GeekPAK extended Colori's brand beyond the retail experience to the web, merging the physical and the digital experience under a cohesive brand. With a layout again based lightly off the periodic table of elements, GeekPAK was able to design a sophisticated informational website for Colori.

Colori recently caught the eye of Chicago magazine where the store was featured in the arena/style section of the Best of Chicago issue August 2006 and “Around the Town” on WGN Channel 9.

Project Highlights:
+ Identity and brand build out

+ Self managed

+ Informational website

Modules used to create this site:
Content Management, Contact & Business Development Tracking
CMS Content Management Systems provide a structured, database driven suite of tools for managing your website. At GeekPAK our CMS can help you manage your website and your business.
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