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Cruising Towards the Trip of a Lifetime


April 03, 2008
Needless to say, getting to work for Oprah is quite the “trip” of a lifetime for GEEKPAK!
If you could plan the ultimate vacation, where would you go? Who would you invite? Think about it for a second. Don’t hold back! Would you tour the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, Spain? Would you step foot onto the grounds of Italy’s famous Coliseum? How about taking a stroll down the spectacular beaches of Greece? Now imagine going to all those places, and more, courtesy of Oprah!

That’s exactly what Oprah has in store for her entire staff, their family members and close friends. In 2009, Oprah is granting this unmatchable gift of a 14-night voyage on a Norwegian Cruise Line skipping across the Mediterranean Sea, touching upon 13 spectacular cities. Talk about a trip of a lifetime!

Approached by their close friend Taproot Productions and Event Architects, GeekPAK was asked to produce the logo for this grandiose event. With a tight turn around time of only a few days, GeekPAK’s design team had a surge of creativity and cruised their way to over 14 logo options that were presented to the host herself.

After astounding the master of ceremonies, GeekPAK has been asked to design and implement additional elements starting with a “trip planner” website for Oprah’s staff to log onto and manage their vacation from a single location. There has been talk of designing additional campaign items for the trip as well.

Needless to say, getting to work for Oprah is quite the “trip” of a lifetime for GeekPAK! Stay tuned for more to come from GeekPAK and Oprah’s ultimate gift.
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