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October 5, 2006
Baltimore | Brand, CMS

Prior to this project not many GeekPAK'ers could tell you what a probiotic was. Thanks to their experience with Vidazorb™ they're practically experts on gut happenings. Early in 2006, Little Calumet Holdings was taking the plunge into a rapidly growing probiotic market and wanted a comprehensive, distinct brand. GeekPAK jumped at the chance.

For your absorption – what is a probiotic?
Probiotics are microorganisms that benefit the immune system by enhancing intestinal flora (good bacteria).

Power up
GeekPAK delivered an impressive variety of service offerings. In addressing market research findings regarding existing probiotic product names, GeekPAK created the name: Vidazorb™. Properly expressing the primary qualities of the product, vida, meaning life and zorb, an interpretation of absorption – the main function of probiotics. GeekPAK's identity skills extended to the naming of the different flavored proprietary blends. This led to Vidazorb™'s identity system complete with logo, color palette, and collateral material.

Package this
GeekPAK's integrated approach targeted several other design opportunities for Vidazorb™ such as the bottle design, label, tablet shape and point of purchase display system. Absorption was on the brain as seen in the diagrammatic representations on the bottle and in the shape of each standard chewable tablet, which is an abstract of the logo.

Little buzz
Understanding that educating parents, teachers and children on the benefits of probiotics was a valuable opportunity, the team invented Zorbee – Vidazorb™'s child–friendly mascot. Zorbee is the poster bee for Vidazorb™'s product: BellyBoost. GeekPAK's illustrated Zorbee inspired their design and execution of the game interface which appears on it's own website The games are all a–buzz. Even adults can't resist them.

Stellar exposure
The brand identity was further extended in preparation for the Natural Products – Expo East tradeshow in early October 2006. To ensure the Vidazorb™ booth would attract visitors a pre–show card was mailed to those registered for the event. Give–aways, T–shirts and Z–card brochure foldouts were developed for the show to maximize foot traffic at the booth. GeekPAK designed for the booth, display systems and informational PowerPoint presentation at the exhibit. Exhibit goers were elated by the fresh look.

Building a strong technology system
GeekPAK's team collaborated to complete all the required components including three educational websites:, and This technology was built with the GeekPAK software. Currently, eblasts, visitor content, eCommerce and marketing management can all be run by Vidazorb™ off of the GeekPAK technology, making the site intuitive, smart and pretty – nice.

What's next?
Adhering to recommended directions, Vidazorb™ has given the probiotic supplement market a fresh breath. Stay tuned as Vidazorb™ appears on a store shelf near you.

Project Highlights:
+ 3 educational websites including one specifically for kids

+ Use of flash into html template for added effect

+ Downloadable files and desktops

+ Identity and brand build out

+ Bottle shape and graphics

+ Tablet shape and graphics

+ Traveling exhibit design

Modules used to create this site:
Content Management, E–Learning
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