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Website Design

The modern brand is online, shouldn’t your designer be a web designer?
As a consumer you shouldn’t look at web design in the same way you think of graphic design. With graphic design the designer often develops an element, a component of your brand at a particular moment in time, for a particular audience, in a particular format.

Web design is your entire brand. Everything that is your brand, everything that is your organization is or at least should be on your website. Everything.

Web design touches every audience. Every single audience, every single person both inside and outside of your organization will at one point or another interact with your website. What’s more, people will interact with information you can’t predict in ways you can’t imagine at times you can’t choose.

Web design spans time. It has to adapt and function with the known quantities of the now as well as the unknown quantities of the future.

Web design spans media. Graphic design focuses on a given piece at a given dimension. Web design needs to adapt to varying screen sizes, varying web browsers, varying operating systems and varying platforms (phones, ipad, computers).

Web design is for interaction. Users expect to find and do whatever they want or need to do on your site. You need your users to find what they need. You need them to interact with your website. You need them to interact with you.

At GeekPAK we understand web design because we have been doing it since the early 1990s. We also understand brand because we have been developing brands for almost as long. The modern brand is online, shouldn’t your designer be a web designer?
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