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Access Living Adds More Community Tools

2010 Enhancements Build A Hub Of Activity

December 15, 2010
All of the elements of the Access Living website work together to reduce effort while increasing effectiveness
Chicago | Community Tools

GeekPAK is pleased to have worked with Access Living since 2008. Our approach is to develop websites, relationships and strategies that evolve over time. In 2008 GeekPAK redesigned the Access Living website to leverage the GeekPAK CMS. The long term strategy was not just to provide a wealth of information online, but to eventually build an online community and to use the website as a tool for accomplishing Access Living’s goals and mission.

This year’s enhancements to the Access Living website took the next important step in fulfilling that vision by establishing an online community and community tools. GeekPAK added a rich set of new community and social media features that make accessliving.org the hub of disability information in Illinois.

Blogging & Social Media
True to GeekPAK’s approach, all of the new features leverage the work previously done and build upon and integrate with the other features and tools on the website. Specifically we added the Access Living “Lead On” blog directly to the main website. The integration of the blog within the larger Access Living website increases traffic both to the main website and to the blog. It also facilitates easier interrelation of information helping visitors find valuable tools and resources faster.

The suite of tools included in the GeekPAK CMS Community Module gave Access Living a state of the art blog, customizable social media widgets, content tagging, convenient short url creation, and SEO keyword management.

Information Requests & Dynamic Forms
In addition GeekPAK created tools that allow members of the community not just to read the blog and comment, but also to access and request services and assistance in a host of areas including housing, employment, legal help and advocacy. Using the newest features available in the GeekPAK CMS, Access Living can create dynamic forms and collect information requests online to create a rich body of data about the needs of their users as well as the services Access Living is providing. Forms can be created in minutes without the need for any custom programming, and can be added to any page on the website.

Leveraging A Powerful CRM System
Because GeekPAK integrates CMS tools with community tools, ecommerce and CRM, all of the elements of the Access Living website work together to reduce effort while increasing effectiveness. No effort is wasted, no data is lost. Using the GeekPAK CRM system, the Access Living website leverages their blog, information request forms and mailing list sign up forms to build a rich set of information about who is using the site, how they are using the site and the specific kinds of information they are interested in.

Enhanced Web Statistics
Leveraging integration of data allows Access Living to see and understand information unavailable in most other tools. Using GeekPAK's enhanced web statistics, Access Living can learn not only what pages are being visited, but who is visiting those pages and what those user's needs and interests are.

Data driven, with GeekPAK your CMS captures vital CRM data. Interaction with your blog, signing up for mailings lists, requesting assistance, commenting on issues, all of these are opportunities to learn more and better serve your community.
CRM Customer Relationship Management involves managing relationships with current, former and prospective customers. The web is one of your primary contact points with your customers. Shouldn’t your website be a part of your CRM strategy? At GeekPAK we think it should, which is why we built our CMS from the ground up to do just that.
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