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Review some of the articles we have written for additional tips on websites, their contents, and how they function efficiently.
FlashWhat is it Good For?If you know your target audience and what the site’s primary and secondary goals are, this decision can be made much easier. Here, we provide a list of only some of the good and bad uses of Flash.Read More Online CommunitiesBuild CarefullyWhen it comes to web development, there is certainly no shortage of technologies and services that many people feel their website needs, even if (or possibly because) they don't truly understand what they are. One of the biggest ”needs” in recent years is that of community. Read More
Scrolling on the WebUnconscious & Accurate ExplorationAlthough users say they don't like to scroll, their actions in usability tests indicate quite the opposite. While scrolling may not be an activity that users look forward to consciously, "dead ends" as a result of following the wrong path through links are a much greater source of frustration.Read More Search Engine Optimization (SEO)21st Century Snake OilIn the middle ages they had alchemy. In the 19th century they had snake oil. Today we have Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The latest in miracle cures for what ails your website.

SEO is not a short term fix, it is a long term strategy.
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Social MediaThe Next Big Thing…Effort.You hear a lot of hype these days about the future of the internet, the future of the species, the future of the future being social media. We did a little research, and after looking at the numbers it seems like the next big thing to fundamentally change your business is…hard work.Read More Social Media: To Engage or Not To EngageA Simple ChecklistIn 2009 Social Media, or at least the buzz about social media really took off in the popular consciousness and popular media. This month we provide a simple checklist for you to use when assessing your plans for Facebook, Twitter, et al.Read More
TwitterEffort = Authenticity, Persistence and Active EngagementPart 2 of our social media series explores how to make Twitter work for you.Read More Welcome to the ExitA Look at Link PagesLink pages are lists of links to external sites. We've all seen them: short to long, focused to seemingly random, mundane to cool. But is the link page itself the right way to go, or has the medium evolved beyond these simple lists of links? Read More
Why a Web Strategy Trumps a Web SiteInnovation, Even in Tough Economic TimesWhen you choose to work with GeekPAK you get more than just a website you get a web strategy, you get a web partner and most importanly, you get our Content Management System (CMS).Read More
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