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Body Evolutions

Gyrotonics Comes to the East Village

March 16, 2012
We know that you are on the go so the site adapts to the needs of your mobile device. iPhone, iPad, smartphone…yeah, we’ve got that covered.
New York City | CMS, CRM, eCommerce

The arrival of spring brought renewal at Body Evolutions a fitness studio located in the East Village of New York City. They gym underwent a complete transformation including the installation of the largest Gyrotonic studio in New York City.

GeekPAK was there to help them with their transformation. We implemented a CMS solution that features tight integration with their MindBody gym management software. Seamless interaction with Body Evolutions content leads to seamless hand-off of clients and new customers to the MindBody ecommerce solution. Booking classes is now as easy as finding them. Found the perfect trainer for you? Scheduling is an appointment is a snap.

The re-envisioning of the studio was complete with a new brand and the new website delivers visitors the perfect digital representation of the new studio. Vibrant photography, smiling faces, and inspirational quotes help visitors understand what the Body Evolutions experience will be like when they step through the front door.

The evolution of the website required that trainers, clients and potential new students each find the content, classes and information they need. Every audience is important, whether they have been attending classes for years, working to become the next Gyrotonics instructor, or they simply want to find a gym in their neighborhood.

Because the site uses the GeekPAK Content Management System the Body Evolutions website offers a suite of smart features without causing the Be team to break a sweat. Classes and trainings automatically appear throughout the site at the right date and time. Just set it and forget it. Each visit to the home page brings a different trainer and a different testimonial. If you don't get a sense of the people that make up the Body Evolutions experience you're not paying attention! Looking for some inspiration? Every page offers a new inspirational Be inspired quote. Every visit, every page, every time. We know that you are on the go so the site adapts to the needs of your mobile device. iPhone, iPad, smartphone…yeah, we've got that covered.

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