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GeekPAK’s founders have been building web solutions since the early 1990s. Here you will find their professional experience brought to bear on the various technology issues of the day.
Data Driven Twitter StatisticsBeing Information Driven: Understanding the Meaning of DataMore than any other data type, Twitter statistics should be viewed with extreme caution. There are many factors that contribute to the questionable reliability of Twitter metrics. Social media, more than any other marketing tool you use, should be seen from a perspective of goals and conversion rates.Read More
Data Driven eBlast StatisticsBeing Information Driven: Understanding the Meaning of DataEblast statistics just like web statistics take on more value over time. However, because you are sending email to specific users, you can know a lot more about who looked, who clicked, and who ultimately performed the actions you wanted them to.Read More
Data Driven Web StatisticsBeing Information Driven: Understanding the Meaning of DataThe single most important thing to understand with web statistics is the idea of longitudinal data. No metric at any point in time has a particularly identifiable value. However, over time the longitudinal trends can begin to tell you things about how your website and your efforts to promote your website are performing.Read More
Data Driven Data Driven Organizations...Should Focus On Being Information DrivenThe goal of being data driven isn’t about the data, it’s about the information. It’s a fundamental and basic point, but so many people lose the forest for the trees when it comes to being data driven.Read More
Losing Yourself In The CloudsBuzzword Alert: Cloud ComputingThe cloud can be a powerful ally for your business, but before you invest valuable time in services you can’t control, think about what it will do to your business, your brand, and your audience. If it’s not mission critical the cloud could be a valuable test environment, but ask yourself the question is the cloud working for you or are you working for the cloud?Read More
Featured ArticleSocial Media Social Media: To Engage or Not To EngageA Simple ChecklistIn 2009 Social Media, or at least the buzz about social media really took off in the popular consciousness and popular media. This month we provide a simple checklist for you to use when assessing your plans for Facebook, Twitter, et al.Read More
Featured ArticleTwitter TwitterEffort = Authenticity, Persistence and Active EngagementPart 2 of our social media series explores how to make Twitter work for you.Read More
Featured ArticleSocial Media Social MediaThe Next Big Thing…Effort.You hear a lot of hype these days about the future of the internet, the future of the species, the future of the future being social media. We did a little research, and after looking at the numbers it seems like the next big thing to fundamentally change your business is…hard work.Read More
Featured ArticleThe Fund Why a Web Strategy Trumps a Web SiteInnovation, Even in Tough Economic TimesWhen you choose to work with GeekPAK you get more than just a website you get a web strategy, you get a web partner and most importanly, you get our Content Management System (CMS).Read More
Featured ArticleWelcome to the ExitA Look at Link PagesLink pages are lists of links to external sites. We've all seen them: short to long, focused to seemingly random, mundane to cool. But is the link page itself the right way to go, or has the medium evolved beyond these simple lists of links? Read More
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