Where Do They Come FromGeekPAK Enhanced Website Statistics filter out noise to help you better understand where your visitors are coming from.
Where Do They Go?If you are using social media, it’s important to not only know where your visitors come from, but also where you send them.
What Are They Looking For?Because GeekPAK is an integrated system, we can capture information other web statistics can’t, like search history.
Signal From NoiseWe eliminate noisy data like hits and focus on useful information like how many times that crucial report has been downloaded.
Have It Your WayCollect information about your users, that you can use to better serve your community.

Enhanced Website Statistics

GeekPak Announces New Web Information Module

February 15, 2010
Because the statistics module is integrated with the GeekPAK CMS, it can give you insight into your web traffic that other statisticspackages can’t provide.

"There are lies, damn lies and"...well there are web statistics. GeekPAK believes in simplifying information management. We also believe that information trumps data.

GeekPAK is pleased to announce our Web Information Module.

It naturally follows that a tool that can help you manage so many aspects of your organization's information should also help you understand how your information is being used. The GeekPAK CMS Web Information Module is intended to give you quick access to critical information about your web traffic. It is not intended to be a replacement for your traditional web statistics package, but rather another look at key information traditional packages can't provide.

Because the statistics module is integrated with the GeekPAK CMS, it can give you insight into your web traffic that other statistics packages can't provide. It is these unique views that make it such a valuable addition to your tradtional web statistics package.

Features Include:

  • Rapid access to key reports. No time spent waiting on heaps of log data to process.
  • Track internal site searches and compare them against external searches performed in search engines like Google.
  • Customized page view reports that supplement traditional page view and topic popularity with reports based on content tagging and other customizable criteria.
  • URL tracking: Don't just track traffic coming into your site but track when you are sending them away.
  • Short URL tracking: Short URLs and social media are part of your web strategy. With GeekPAK you can track them alongside your other web statistics.
  • File & Download tracking: Most statistics packages discard or disregard files because they provide hit data but are not useful for calculating actual page views. With GeekPAK you can track critical files without having to filter through meaningless hit data.
  • User Tracking: because our statistics are integrated with the CMS, you can get meaningful information about user access and activity. Learn more about your users activity and needs through real information about their behavior.
  • Robot Filtering: Google and other search engines relentlessly crawl websites. Our statistics allow you to filter out web robots like Google's crawler and focus on actual user traffic.
  • Referrer reports by domain, search query and external URL.
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