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FileMaker Recognizes GEEKPAK!

GEEKPAK awarded the Mad Dog PR Award

July 22, 2008
GeekPAK was recently awarded the Mad Dog PR Award by FileMaker (the #1–selling database for Mac and PC). GeekPAK was recognized as 1 of the 7 winning firms worldwide to actively promote our companies' services with FilmMaker's database platform. Winners representing Japan, Australia, France, the United Kingdom and the USA, were acknowledged for their contributions in assisting with advancing awareness of FileMaker in the media. It's reassuring to know that the #1–selling database development software is pleased with the way our services and capabilities coincide!

FileMaker, which was founded in 1998, still remains GeekPAK's tool of choice to quickly develop customized content management systems (CMS) for our clients. The #1–selling database provides GeekPAK the ability to equip clients with a tool that will be stored directly on their computer as a centralized database. FileMaker provides GeekPAK with a foundation in which to use its data model to manage and interrelate large amounts of data and push it quickly to the web. It allows us the capability to swiftly update modules and quickly build custom applications that specifically meet our client's needs.

Not only can GeekPAK build centralized CMS solutions, but we can also build upon companies' existing FileMaker databases already in place without having to patch other software. The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) : LIFECenter is a perfect example. GeekPAK was able to build upon an existing physical library and database to create an updatable online library system. The LIFE Center's CMS gives them the ability to update and manage their large collection of Rehabilitation books, photos, videos, check out info, content and online documents. The LIFECenter maximizes its online efficiencies by letting GeekPAK's CMS generate ISBN numbers, shelf codes as well as book labels. They now have a secure centralized source to manage and package documents for RIC experts and specialty teams to print custom information sheets tailored specifically to their patients needs. Using FileMaker, one can combine every possible electronic business need into a single database.

We feel honored to be given this award and to be apart of such an elite group from around the world. GeekPAK will continue to use FileMaker, explore its capabilities and push the limits of the software. If you are looking to add value to your business, call us to see how we can help!
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