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Tooting Our Own Horn...

Your Brand, Social CMS, Social CRM and Why Integration Matters.

December 22, 2010
Don’t just tweet about it, don’t just think about what it might be like...get GeekPAK and actually experience Social CRM, Social CMS now.
Being a web development company with a specialty in brand development, I guess it’s kind of funny that we don’t spend a lot of time tooting our own horn. Maybe it’s a sense of humility, maybe it’s because we think that people will “get it” when they see it.

For whatever reason it just hit me that I should make a quick post that sets humility aside and directly illustrates one great example of why the GeekPAK CMS makes so much sense and is such a powerful strategic tool.

What you are looking at in the image above is a partial screenshot of one of the pages in our CMS. But what you are really seeing is what makes GeekPAK, our CMS and our approach so different.

With our CMS you can not only post and manage all of the pages, media etc on your site, but you can also manage and post to your favorite social networks. You can see in the image above the two posts to the two social networks Facebook and Twitter that we made for this page.

Why Is This So Awesome?
1. Brand: If content is king then it is clearly a huge component of your brand. My guess is that most of you engaging in Social Media have at best a foggy sense of what you put out into the social media landscape. This means you don’t really have control of your brand.

2. Ease of Use: Most of you probably have a host of tools that you use to manage things like your website, your twitter feed, your facebook page, your eblasts, your mailing lists etc. WIth GeekPAK, you write the article and from the same screen you can create a short URL, post to twitter, facebook, whatever you like. How much time did that just save?

3. Data Tracking: Again, most of you at best may have a foggy sense scattered across a host of tools of how much traffic you get on a given platform, website, or social media outlet. With GeekPAK you can have that view all in one place. What’s more, because we integrate CRM and eblasting, you can literally know in one place how your content is playing across a multitude of communication media with true clarity about who is viewing your content and how they are viewing it.

4. If You Build It, What Happens When They Come?
You likely have your data, systems and tools scattered among multiple tools. So you may be getting traffic to your website, but is that driving your CRM? When you send that eblast is it going to the latest, most complete, most accurate list? WIth GeekPAK your website drives customers and users straight into your CRM. Your CRM integrates directly with your eblast and marketing tools. No swapping, no struggling to get a host of tools to work together. You collect data at the very location the data is generated, online. You can reach out to those people immediately using the tools THEY prefer be it email, facebook, twitter.

5. Ownership: With your data scattered among tools, websites and cloud services, who actually owns your content? Do you even know what content there is to own? WIth GeekPAK, you have your content completely under control. So when the next internet fad arises, you have the history of all of your interaction with the last one to draw upon.

With GeekPAK you get the power to publish with a state of the art CMS, you get the power to collect customer information in real time with state of the art CRM, you get the power to communicate on a multitude of platforms and you get the unprecedented ability to look at the data and statistics across all those touch points in one convenient location.

GeekPAK, strategic, branded, web tools that put you in control of your brand, your website, your message and your audience.

Don’t just tweet about it, don’t just think about what it might be like...get GeekPAK and actually experience Social CRM, Social CMS now.

We hope you’ll excuse this little outburst of pride, we’ll now be returning to our previously scheduled humility!
CMS Content Management Systems provide a structured, database driven suite of tools for managing your website. At GeekPAK our CMS can help you manage your website and your business.
CRM Customer Relationship Management involves managing relationships with current, former and prospective customers. The web is one of your primary contact points with your customers. Shouldn’t your website be a part of your CRM strategy? At GeekPAK we think it should, which is why we built our CMS from the ground up to do just that.
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