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Gorilla Treestands

April 28, 2008
Flushing | CMS, CRM

Gorilla Treestands sells high-grade hunting equipment and accessories in a wide variety of styles. Gorilla Treestands leads the industry in treestand equipment by offering consumers a wide range of products such as climbing, hang-on, and ladder and pod series treestands, plus additional hunting gear.

Gorilla Treestands wanted GeekPAK to design, develop and implement the next generation of their website to better showcase products and preserve their blue-ribbon status online. In addition to creating a sharper, more techy presence, Gorilla Treestands wanted easy access to their products from every page of their new website and the ability to update each product on their own. GeekPAK worked with Gorilla Treestands using a streamlined, step-by-step, process that resulted in an image rich website which successfully highlighted the most important assets of Gorilla Treestands products, and allowed them to make updates on the fly.

After an in-depth strategic consultation, GeekPAK put on their hunting caps and began tweaking some design aesthetics to better suite the Gorilla Treestand brand before importing content into the database and implementing the new website. With one quick techy stroke, GeekPAK was able to revive the old website and offer Gorilla Treestands an incredible website re-design.

The site navigation alluded to Gorilla Treestands techy side with fluid treeing of subtopics. Each subtopic’s landing page was designed to showcase every product and call-out, or advertise, unique features and awards within that category. Wanting to show off their outstanding products in grand fashion, GeekPAK planned for a large product image with the inclusion of a thumbnail gallery that pops up additional images in a large, fluid window that allows for product captioning. With an extensive number of product specifications to display and update, GeekPAK utilized their software to make it easy for Gorilla Treestands to manage each product.

With a large number of images and image types, Gorilla Treestands will be able to easily manage their products utilizing the content management module of GeekPAK software. This cuts down on their website costs dramatically by giving them the ability to update the site on their own, whenever they need. In addition to the content management module, Gorilla Treestands has the ability to target their audience with direct messaging using GeekPAK’s e-blast module. With plans to add the e-commerce module in the future, Gorilla Treestands will have the ability to sell online and manage all of their sales through GeekPAK software.

With their new online presence and the ability to update products and advertisements on the fly, Gorilla Treestands sales should climb to new heights.

Project Highlights:
+ GeekPAK software allows for self management of website

+ Fluid drop down menus

+ Pop up windows for larger image display and captioning

+ Product support with instruction manuals

+ Image rotation on homepage and product landing pages for efficient display of featured products and advertisements

+ Sophisticated search capabilities

Modules used to create this site:
Content Management, Contact Management, Mailing & E-Blast, E-Commerce
CMS Content Management Systems provide a structured, database driven suite of tools for managing your website. At GeekPAK our CMS can help you manage your website and your business.
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