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And the Winner Is . . .HBB Final Show Ends With Surprising Finish

GeekPAk and the LIFE Center Celebrate Henry B. Betts Innovation Award

August 29, 2011
It had to be a project that showed vision, that we’d be able to leverage in the future, and that would be able to make a difference now. We’re giving this award to both teams because you both touched the patient in different ways.
The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) has been recognized as the "#1 Rehabilitation Hospital in America" since 1991 by U.S. News & World Report. No other specialty hospital has been consecutively ranked the "#1" by U.S. News & World Report for so long. GeekPAK is pleased to have worked with RIC and the LIFE Center for 10 of those years.

Since 2001, GeekPAK has been working with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago to help them realize their vision of being the best rehabilitation hospital in American and in the world. At RIC, excellence extends to every aspect of RIC's interaction with patients and families including online. Partnering with RIC we are pleased to have had the opportunity to build the industry leading patient education website the LIFE Center.

For ten years we have worked to leverage the foundation we established in 2001 into better and better services and experiences for RIC patients and families. This year we were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with RIC and the LIFE Center on an award winning project to improve the lives of patients, families and anyone interested in rehabilitation information in their own homes.

Judges faced a real challenge at the 2011 Henry B. Betts, M.D., Innovation Award final show. In the end, the winners were RIC patients – those who are patients today, and patients who will turn to RIC for years to come.

At the HBB Final Show Thursday, two teams that competed for the coveted award were both declared winners by our CEO, Dr. Joanne Smith. “That was hard,” she said before announcing the winners. “It had to be a project that showed vision, that we’d be able to leverage in the future, and that would be able to make a difference now. We’re giving this award to both teams because you both touched the patient in different ways.”

The team “Branding the Discharge Experience” made a convincing presentation to the judges of the merit of creating a comprehensive document patients and families can understand and, more importantly, use after they leave RIC to continue receiving the care they need. Members include Sheri Garlick, Glenn Paustian, Tim McKula, Monica Santilli, Kris Cichowski, Lynn Danford, Carol Stukey, Rebecca Brashler, Janet McCarthy, Nicole Adams, and the GeekPAK team. “It was really impressive from a consumer standpoint,” said Lois Huggins, chief human resources officer and senior vice president, who served as one of the judges.

The team “Musculoskeletal Clinical Outcomes Project” persuaded judges of the value of a clinical database that statistically proves RIC’s care model has worked for tens of thousands of patients.  A clinical research database that can be mined for outcomes is an essential component of RIC’s vision.  Core team members include Melissa Kolski, Annie O’Connor, Krista Ferguson, Anne Deutsch, Allan Kozlowski and Martin Bertels; Jillian Bateman, Aaron Veach were significant contributors. “It was a great model,” judge Peggy Kirk, senior vice president, operations, said after the presentation.

GeekPAK is pleased to have the opportunity to work on such a groundbreaking project and we were pleased to see the efforts of our partners at RIC recognized. The foundation for our success now was laid in our initial work in 2001. When you work with GeekPAK you get a strategic foundation that grows when you grow, that grows how you grow. Get GeekPAK and get the future now.
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