Home PageA startup needs to make an impact on day one, on page one, with visitor number one.
Great Photography Goes A Long WayGreat talent, like photographer Tyler Mallory, goes a long way to overcome a short organizational history.
Be More Than You Can BeProfessional logo design, dynamic data driven website, and a compelling brand can go a long way to convincing investors that you can be more than you can be.
Full Featured From Day OneFrom day one Cloudchaser had capabilities that demonstrated what their future could be after investments roll in.


April 16, 2007
The “wrapper” graphics truly gave this site a unique and airy feel.
Washington DC | CMS, Brand

Cloudchaser's collaborative team of experts build relationships and products that transcend the conventional marketing and communications platforms. Starting with idea generation they see projects through to their conception, integrating live events, film and television and interactive media. They specialize in developing high–definition, high energy and high quality content for reaching global sponsors.

Jorge Inc asked GeekPAK to collaborate on design and implementation for the Cloudchaser website. GeekPAK was able to work with amazing photography shot by Tyler Mallory and David Mallin. This photography added a lot of visual appeal and depth to the website so GeekPAK designed a large image plate to showcase their work. To call out Cloudchaser's offerings, GeekPAK designed a simplistic “capabilities” and “partners” section.

The “wrapper” graphics truly give this site a unique and airy feel. Cloudchaser, and Jorge Inc were very pleased with the simplistic results of GeekPAK's work.

Project Highlights:
+ Extra large photograph area

+ Light and simplistic design aesthetic

+ Self managed site

Modules used to create this site:
Content Management, Contact & Business Development Tracking
CMS Content Management Systems provide a structured, database driven suite of tools for managing your website. At GeekPAK our CMS can help you manage your website and your business.
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