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GeekPAK News

Read our latest news and announcements to see what we’ve been up to.

Our goal is to make it easier for you, the current, past and future client, to access up to date information about the happenings within our studio. Find out when we land a new client, finish a project, or present current technology issues at events.

Also, tell us what you are up to so we can post an article about it. If a client of ours is planning a party, hosting an event, or launching a new product, we are happy to tell the world about it.

Stay tuned for more news to come!
Title Date
High-End Spacial DesignNuhaus & Exclusive WoodworkingGeekPAK has kicked–off their relationship with master craftsmen and visionaries, nuHaus and Exclusive Woodworking... May 21, 2007
Don’t Go Chasin’ WaterfallsCloudchaserIn collaboration with, GeekPAK developed a website for Cloudchaser, their proprietary software... April 16, 2007 Goes Live!Mobilize.orgSince March 2002, MOBILIZE.ORG has been dedicated to providing America's youth with the resources and tools to increase community interest and political participation... April 16, 2007
426 Brand To The 8675309426 BrandEmbrace that kick–ass American dream! Ditch your gas guzzling SUV for your dream hot rod, your suit for some sweet skull and flame tats... April 13, 2007
CMG Presentation - Geek Vs. Freak: The Showdown!CleverspinOn March 31, 2007, the Color Marketing Group invited cleverSPIN to speak at their Chicago Conference... March 30, 2007
Proving Flooring Specialist Are Thinkers Too!Flooring Solutions IncorporatedDid you know that you can ask your flooring installer the best product to use for your floor... February 22, 2007
You Were Saying?Conversations With The EnemyGeekPAK's next door neighbor, Taproot Productions is producing another documentary titled Conversations With The Enemy... February 20, 2007
Tins, Bins & ThingsTaproot Promotional MaterialIt's that time of year again. Time to promote the business and spread the word to drum up new clients... January 10, 2007
Familiarize, Then MobilizeMobilize.orgGetting people to vote is a challenge in itself, and when your audience is America's youth... December 20, 2006
312? No, I Meant 426 Brand426 BrandWe always look forward to starting new relationships, especially with clients that value design... December 15, 2006
On The Couch AgainIllinois Psychological AssociationGeekPAK is going to Enhance Illinois Psychological Association's Web Presence... December 1, 2006
Global LogoThe International Visitor's Center of Chicago, IVCC is Chicago's host to U.S. sponsored visitors... December 1, 2006
Bull Run For Your LifeThe Bulls Of SuburbiaGeekPAK was asked by Taproot Productions to design a poster and DVD kit for their recent documentary release The Bulls of Suburbia... October 10, 2006
League Of Jr. GlobetrottersAmerican Federation Of TeachersAt GeekPAK, with the end of the summer comes one last chance to shoot spit wads at each other and have fun adding the final content for AFT's Summer Learning Calendar... July 22, 2006
Katrina Documentary To Get Promotional MaterialDesert BayouBy the time this press release was written, the project was already done... March 30, 2006
Movin On Up!The Chicago TheatreMoving from the basement of the theatre to the top floor is a move up in more ways then one... February 8, 2006
Condominiums For The New CenturyCentury StationGeekPAK completes the identity package for Century Station... February 5, 2006
Geekpak To Design Paint Store IdentityColoriWelcome to the world of boutique paint –– paint that is made with 16 colorants versus the standard 12 color chemical mixture... January 23, 2006
Responsible Credit Partners Extend BrandResponsible Credit PartnershipsThe Credit Card Project continues their relationship with GeekPAK by re–branding as the Responsible Credit Partnership (RCP)... December 6, 2005
Xenophon HomeXenophonXenophon, a Washington DC PR firm, has hired GeekPAK to begin the design of their website... October 30, 2005
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