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Library Management

Book, Publication & File Management
If you have ever managed a library of books, magazines, or files, you know it’s a huge task! Let our Library Management module help you manage that mountain of information.

Organize and keep track of your books, publications, large folios and more. Put your library online. Integrate your library of resources with the library of information that is your website.

Did we mention that you don’t have to be a librarian to use it?

+ Tracks Inventory

+ Manages asset purchasing

+ Manages book shelving and cuttering

+ Manages memberships and resource check out/in

Required Modules: Content Management (CMS) and Contact Management (CRM).
CMS Content Management Systems provide a structured, database driven suite of tools for managing your website. At GeekPAK our CMS can help you manage your website and your business.
CRM Customer Relationship Management involves managing relationships with current, former and prospective customers. The web is one of your primary contact points with your customers. Shouldn’t your website be a part of your CRM strategy? At GeekPAK we think it should, which is why we built our CMS from the ground up to do just that.
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