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Software Built On A Modular System

GeekPAK believes your website is your business. That’s why we designed our CMS not just with buildiing websites in mind, but with a focus on building your business. The GeekPAK CMS is modular, customizable and adaptable. Not only will we work with you to determine the best set of modules for your business strategy, we’ll also customize the features of each module to uniquely suit your needs.

What makes our software a success is that our modules stick together as a PAK, seamlessly working together to not only save you time and money, but to help you achieve your goals. Because the modules are built to share information and support different business functions you save time and effort by eliminating redundancy and wasted effort. Because you can view strategic data and user patterns in ways that previously weren’t possible, your business can achieve greater success than ever before.

Each module contains an entire class of tools for each business function. Simply choose the kind of things you’d like to do, and we’ll work with you to develop a web solution that works for you.
Content Management System Content Management (CMS)This module is the core of our GEEKPAK software. It houses and organizes all of your website's data, including content, images, and media files. Read More Contact Management Contact & Business Development Tracking (CRM)We understand that keeping you in the know is important. In conjunction with the CMS module, our CRM tools will help you build unprecedented business insight.Read More
eBlast & Mailings Mailing & eBlastIt’s important to get the word out! Using information from the CMS and Contact modules, you have the ability to generate targeted eblasts and mailings instantly.Read More Community Tools Online Community ToolsWith GeekPAK you can use community tools to actually build a community. You can use community tools to focus your voice rather than scatter your message.Read More
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)With this module, you can update and manage your tags and keywords as you create content.
eCommerceIf you need to sell online, you have come to the right place. This module keeps accurate purchase records, records shopping trends of your customers, and helps you keep track of your inventory.
eLearningCreate websites that facilitate learning at all levels, from K-12 to corporate training.
Enhanced Web StatisticsOur enhanced web statistics are intended to give you information about your web traffic in context of your organizational goals, your particular site’s design and your users.
Online Survey & Data CollectionCollecting audience information is key to understanding their needs. Everyone talks about being data driven. But what if you could go beyond typical surveys and combine survey data with user behavior?
Online Scheduling & CalendarThis module makes managing event and time based data a snap.
Fundraising & DevelopmentIf you want strategic tools to help you raise money, this module is for you.
Project ManagementOur Project management module helps get your team(s) aligned online. This module enables your team to centrally track project process, manage task lists and record project history.
Brand Assets & Graphics ManagementManaging a brand and all of it’s assets can be a lot of work. Making it easily available online can be next to impossible, until now.
Library ManagementIf you have ever managed a library of books, magazines, or files, you know it’s a huge task! Organize and keep track of your books, publications, large folios and more.
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