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National Conference On Citizenship Grows Strategically

Revolution Through Constant Evolution

April 15, 2011
Likes that work for you, not just facebook. You like that don’t you!
Washington DC | Website CRM CMS eMarketing

GeekPAK and NCoC have been working since 2008 to develop a web platform that facilitates exchange of ideas through dissemination of research and discussion. In 2011 we took the next step helping NCoC expand their capabilities beyond discussing problems to discovering and disseminating solutions.

Social Media
GeekPAK believes that features should benefit you, not just increase someone else’s market share. GeekPAK developed an integrated facebook like feature. Why have user’s like a page if it doesn’t help them or you? NCoC’s like is integrated with GeekPAK’s CRM system and the GeekPAK CMS. This integrated approach enables the NCoC website to recommend new content on the NCoC site whenever a user likes a page using the facebook button.

GeekPAK’s approach spreads the word through social media using facebook’s like. This approach also benefits each visitor by tailoring the website to better meet their needs. Finally, the custom social media integration feature benefits NCoC by capturing meaningful user data in a way that NCoC can analyze to provide better features and content to their users in the future.

Likes that work for you, not just facebook. You like that don’t you!

CRM & CMS: Powerful Tools That Work Together
NCoC is now leveraging the latest version of the GeekPAK CMS. Using our new dynamic forms tools, NCoC can create conference registration pages, questionnaires, contact forms and more, anytime, anyplace they want to. Better still, the GeekPAK CMS and CRM work together to capture that data saving NCoC valuable time managing events and conferences. Integrated CRM data fuels NCoC’s planning of future features and is used by the GeekPAK eBlast and Marketing module to send targeted customized eblasts and mailings. No exchanging data. No switching between tools. Simply get things done now. With integration, your like an entire IT team.

Do more with less. That’s GeekPAK.

Site Refinements
GeekPAK gives you the best of both worlds, our CMS has the speed and low cost of off the shelf software with the power and flexibility of custom development. These capabilities enable GeekPAK to refine and customize your website to precisely meet your needs.

This year we worked with NCoC to create a system of terms and definitions to help bring clarity to research that may contain terms unfamiliar to visitors.

NCoC is also leveraging our latest WYSIWYG enhancements to create dynamic pages free of any HTML or custom code.

Because GeekPAK is a true CMS, NCoC can adapt their mission and their approach without starting from scratch. Using GeekPAK’s topic and website hierarchy tools we were able to recategorize over 1,000 pages of content to better fit NCoC’s new “research, discussion, solutions” approach. More than technology, GeekPAK brings experts to the table. Using this unique combination of people and code, we were able to help NCoC restructure strategically with a minimum of manual effort coding and recoding content.

As NCoC’s website has grown larger and deeper, the need to classify subgroupings of content has increased. The GeekPAK CMS can catalog content using a multitude of meta-data options. This year we added a new document type filter to enable users to quickly scan large collections of content and select items they want like “videos,” “discussions” and more.

Finally, GeekPAK added two sets of RSS feeds to the NCoC site. First we enabled an outgoing RSS feed of NCoC discussions to facilitate easier ways of tracking NCoC’s ongoing conversations. We also included incoming RSS by creating a dynamic job board that integrates multiple job listings from NCoC’s partners.

CRM Tools That Work For You
Your website is a powerful tool for collecting user and customer data. Why not use that data to drive your customer relationship management? GeekPAK’s integrated CRM and CMS enables NCoC to quickly print assets for conferences and manage attendee lists. Name badges, attendee lists, mailings, event eblasts. GeekPAK does it all.

NCoC brings the ideas, GeekPAK brings the solutions. The result, a constantly evolving website that is the hub of NCoC’s work. Most importantly, a website that serves the needs of the NCoC community.
CRM Customer Relationship Management involves managing relationships with current, former and prospective customers. The web is one of your primary contact points with your customers. Shouldn’t your website be a part of your CRM strategy? At GeekPAK we think it should, which is why we built our CMS from the ground up to do just that.
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