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Integrating Function With Form

GeekPAK Applies New NCoC Brand To Large Scale Website

September 15, 2011
One hundred percent branded, one hundred percent unique to you, one hundred percent impossible for any template to achieve
Brand is more than colors, font and logo. A CMS is more than a template. A true branding company understands this. The best technical firms understand this. Modern brand is a union of form, function and authenticity. Your brand extends to every point of contact with your audience, with your customers. Brand is how you speak, brand is how you execute, brand is what you do.

At GeekPAK we understand this at the very core of our business. WIth over a decade of brand experience and over 15 years of experience building websites and web applications, our goal is to create an online presence that captures, communicates and demonstrates the brand that is you.

We were pleased to leverage this understanding of form and function in implementing the new NCoC brand on top of the existing NCoC website. WIth almost 1,500 pages the NCoC site is fortunate to be implemented with the GeekPAK CMS because undertaking such a conversion with any other system would have made the task much more difficult. We were able to completely revamp the entire interface with entirely custom branded elements within a matter of days. One hundred percent branded, one hundred percent unique to NCoC, one hundred percent impossible for any template to achieve.

If you're interested in form AND function, get GeekPAK.
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