RIC LIFE CenterAccording to US News and World Report, RIC has been the number 1 rehabilitation hospital for 20 consecutive years.
Information Organized By NeedThe LIFE Center has a collection of almost 5,000 resources to help patients and families when they need it most.
Tools to Find The RIght InformationWith so much information GeekPAK built powerful tools to turn long lists into shorter lists of exactly what you need.
Tools to Find ProfessionalsGeekPAK also helped professionals find just the right professional for each patient’s particular needs.
Tools For ProfessionalsGeekPAK also built tools to help healthcare professionals better server their patients.

Rehabilitation Insititute of Chicago’s LIFE Center

Continuous Improvement Makes The Best Better

December 17, 2009
The LIFE Center has leveraged GeekPAK to develop the largest repository of disability-specific information in the nation
GeekPAK builds web infrastructures for success. A strong flexible foundation ensures a future of growth and innovation. Take for example the LIFE Center's latest series of enhancements and innovations. Building upon the infrastructure developed by GeekPAK in 2001 and RIC's vision and foresight that established the LIFE Center, we helped RIC make the best online rehabilitation resource even better.

Since 1991 RIC has been recognized by US News and World Report as the number one rehabilitation hospital in the United States. In 2001, GeekPAK helped RIC establish the innovative LIFE Center. Since 2001, the LIFE Center has continuously leveraged the GeekPAK CMS to develop the largest repository of disability-specific information in the nation.

Using the GeekPAK CMS, RIC is able to maintain the largest online database of disability resources and is applying that same groundbreaking approach to human resources and experts within the RIC network of care.

The recent series of upgrades, enhancements and continuous improvements built upon the LIFE Center's unparalleled ability to provide crucial patient education and care information both online and in the LIFE Center library. Just as the LIFE Center enables patients and professionals to find the right information at the right time, GeekPAK developed tools to find similarly unique human resources to help patients with very specific care needs.

As a business tool, the GeekPAK CMS enables the LIFE Center to provide world class:

+ patient education
+ staff education
+ resource assistance
+ global and community outreach

As a technology platform, the GeekPAK CMS enables the LIFE Center to manage:

+ all web information including content, images, downloads, videos (GeekPAK CMS)
+ all member, user, and expert information (GeekPAK CRM)
+ physical resource library, including shelf codes, bar code, inventory control (GeekPAK Library Management Module)
+ Public facing website, intranet and extranet
+ detailed administrative reporting
CMS Content Management Systems provide a structured, database driven suite of tools for managing your website. At GeekPAK our CMS can help you manage your website and your business.
CRM Customer Relationship Management involves managing relationships with current, former and prospective customers. The web is one of your primary contact points with your customers. Shouldn’t your website be a part of your CRM strategy? At GeekPAK we think it should, which is why we built our CMS from the ground up to do just that.
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