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GeekPAK Presents at Erickson Market Research Seminar

Erickson Market Research Seminar

November 9, 2007
If people are given a reason to visit your site, then and only then, will they come.

Jamie Kemmerer of GeekPAK had the honor to speak at the Erickson Market Research Seminar on November 9th, 2007. The event was designed to teach attendees about smart business growth. The seminar consisted of 4 parts:

1. Introduction to the 8 Smart Growth Insights
2. Applying the Insights I: Learning
3. Applying the Insights II: Taking Action Online
4. Applying the Insights III: Taking Action Offline

Building off the 8 principals laid out by Ed Erickson, Kemmerer spoke on the subject of Erickson's approach and how it applies online.

Leveraging your data and capturing the right data were two key points of Kemmerer's speech. A clear path was laid for people to understand how to gather business data and how to use that data to draw conclusions about their market, sales and financial targets as part of their web strategy. In turn, this process should help businesses gain sales, attract more customers and keep current customers offline. Kemmerer emphasized that the Internet is a great resource for incrementally gathering customer information and developing customer profiles.

An example of Kemmerer's presentation included statistics about one company's website traffic before and after deployment of an e-blast campaign. Attendees saw there were spikes in the amount of traffic to the company's website after the e-blast was sent. Kemmerer explained, "If people are given a reason to visit your site, then and only then, will they come." E-blasts should serve as a refreshing reminder about your business to your past, present and future clients. Also, consistently managing and updating your website’s content will draw more people to your website and help improve organic search results. Having a plan and acting on it will build your business for years to come.

GeekPAK would like to say thank you to Ed Erickson and Melissa Manning at Erickson Market Research for giving them the opportunity to present.

For more detailed information about the seminar please contact us at

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