Get Down To Business On Page OneGeekPAK helped NCoC continue the conversation with new social tools.
Tools For The CommunityRegistration and issue tracking rounds out the suite of new features.
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NCoC Expands It’s Website and Broadens the Civic Discussion

GEEKPAK Provides Key Tools For Achieving Results

August 3, 2009
NCoC’s hard work, focus on content, and investment in the GEEKPAK web platform has resulted in real growth and quantifiable results for their organization.
Building on last year's launch of the new National Conference on Citizenship website, NCoC expanded it's web presence and in the process broadened the national conversation on civic engagement.

In their first year using GeekPAK, NCoC has:

1. nearly doubled weekly web traffic
2. nearly doubled attendance at the NCoC annual conference

Certainly NCoC deserves the lion's share of credit for putting in the hard work to grow these numbers. However, one of the tools they used was the GeekPAK content management system.

What was NCoC's formula for success?
1. NCoC stimulated regular conversation and interaction on their website through the regular creation of new, relevant content.
2. NCoC expanded their web community through the addition of the GeekPAK online member system.
3. NCoC leveraged the member system to power it's investment in GeekPAK's web based conference registration system.
4. NCoC kept it's members engaged through regular updates and announcements using the GeekPAK E-Blast Module.
5. NCoC added more community tools and functionality offering more ways for people to plug in to the discussion

NCoC's hard work, focus on content, and investment in the GeekPAK web platform has resulted in real growth and quantifiable results for their organization.

What results could GeekPAK help you achieve?
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