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July 2011
Chicago | CMS

SCAFURIDESIGNS is a strategic, multidisciplinary marketing and design studio specializing in identity design, print design, website design, promotional design and spatial design. They combine these services to create purposeful design solutions that seamlessly portray your brand across all audience touch points. Bottom line, they will help you build a better brand.

WIth a great portfolio and a great eye for design, all ScafurIDesigns needed was a great CMS to help them show the world everything they are capable of. So many companies say they can do it, but ScafurIDesigns shows that they already have.

GeekPAK developed a site that enabled ScafurIDesigns to demonstrate their work, with over 100 pages, and their expertise with large beautiful images, lots of them, 1,298 to be precise. With such a large portfolio and image gallery, we included an image rotator to facilitate easy browsing. Because the GeekPAK CMS is a robust and feature deep tool, we were able to allow ScafurIDesigns to show their portfolio through a variety of approaches including, industry, project and medium.

After seeing all of the great work you're going to want to contact them so we topped off the site with a personalized and professional contact form.

GeekPAK was built to handle thousands of web pages, thousands of images and variety of navigational and information architecture approaches. Large or small, GeekPAK was built for your project.

ScafurIDesigns Website Features

+ Content Management System
+ Image gallery and image rotator
+ Flexible topic based organization and navigation
+ Dynamic home page rotator
CMS Content Management Systems provide a structured, database driven suite of tools for managing your website. At GeekPAK our CMS can help you manage your website and your business.
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