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SeeChicagoDance | ReDesign

March 25, 2008
The 2008 redesign turned out to be a great opportunity to make the website more fluid.
Chicago | Brand, CMS, CRM, eBlast Gets an Overhaul!
Just like dancers, websites need to look good and be in excellent shape. SeeChicagoDance was built in 2005 and needed a new look to better coordinate with it's new sister site TakeChicagoDance. Since GeekPAK was updating features for SeeChicagoDance, it was decided that the website would also get an updated look that would relate more to its rounded logo.

I'm Ready for my Close–Up!
Going back to the original brand guidelines, developed back in 2005, GeekPAK started drafting ideas of how they could better relate the brand to the web and give it a more modern feel. First, they addressed the websites lack of curves, something the logo was all about. The logo is a circle and the design that was selected in 2005 had very few curves. The 2008 redesign turned out to be a great opportunity to make the website more fluid.

The Second observation GeekPAK made was that the website didn't take full advantage of shading and the use of shadows. GeekPAK felt the curves, along with some drop shadows, would add depth and some organic energy for a fresher look. Keeping the layout virtually identical to the older version, GeekPAK implemented the cosmetic updates into the same graphic locations so as not to disorient the current users and hinder the functionality of the website.

The result was a more energetic website that was closer to the brand's core.

See and Take do the Tango!
Although SeeChicagoDance and TakeChicagoDance are distinct in their services, they both deal with dance and are ultimately managed by multiple sources. Because of this, GeekPAK decided to link the two websites together into a single content management system (CMS). Utilizing GeekPAK's unique ability to customize its content management system to meet the client's specific needs, GeekPAK was able to allow Carol Fox & Associates to seamlessly relate data from both websites. This way both websites could share photos, names, passwords, log–ins, and easily interrelate information between pages. This, in turn, would make updates easier for the manager of both websites. In a way SeeChicagoDance and TakeChicagoDance are performing a dance of there own.

Project Highlights:
+ Identity and brand development

+ Complete website redesign

+ Updated GeekPAK content management system features

+ Updated eblast wrapper

+ Combining databases into a single content management system.

Modules used to create this site:
Content Management, Contact & Business Development Tracking, Online Scheduling & Calendar, eblast
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