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Web & Graphic Design Services

At GeekPAK, ”Think. Design. Execute.” isn’t a phrase it’s how we work. We are there for you from idea to implementation. We turn web strategy into business strategy. We align your business with your brand and we give you a website that works for you.


Strategic Solutions For Your Business

At GeekPAK we focus on you. Tools are useful only if they support your business, only if they support your goals. That’s why we spend time up front, thinking. It’s the strategy that should drive the technology. Read More
Strategic ConsultationEvery website starts here, or at least it should. Think. It’s what we do at the beginning of every project we do. If your website isn’t central to your business strategy you are already behind your competition.Read More Industry & Target Audience AnalysisEffective communication requires an understanding of who you are talking to. Your brand, your sales, your website simply can not achieve results without it.Read More
Search and Web Statistics AnalysisA thorough analysis of historical web data, search history and traffic patterns can help you better understand how your visitors are using your site. More importantly, it can help you understand what they are looking for.Read More Information ArchitectureInformation architecture is the natural result of the strategy for your website. It’s the foundation for visual design and the map for development and programming. It is the keystone of any web project.Read More
Social Media StrategyWe’ll help you develop a web strategy that fits the needs of your business. As part of that strategy, we’ll make use of social media in ways that fit your audience and your workload.Read More Usability Testing & Quality AssuranceUnderstanding how people interact with technology is a subtle blend of science and art. The only way to be certain is to test a system with real users, using real tools to solve real problems.Read More


Nothing Useless Can Be Truly Beautiful

At GeekPAK we ask the question what if you could have both form and function. What if you could have something useful that is truly beautiful? Read More
Graphic Design, Identity Development & BrandingYour web presence is increasingly important in how others perceive you. Your brand should be developed by designers who deeply understand not just brand, but also technology.
Read More
Website DesignWeb design is your entire brand. Everything that is your brand, everything that is your organization is or at least should be on your website. Everything.

The modern brand is online, shouldn’t your designer be a web designer?
Read More
Website RedesignOur team of trained specialists can diagnose your existing website and redefine its form and functionality to suite your current and future needs. Read More Flash Animation / Motion GraphicsAnimated graphics can add dimensionality and life to an interactive media experience. Our philosophy is to use these tools to spark your client’s imaginations, not block them from using your website.
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From Idea To Implementation

The best laid plans are nothing if they don’t become a reality. At GeekPAK we take you from idea to implementation. Our unique ability to execute is grounded in the thinking and the designing that has given direction and focus to your online strategy.
Read More
Website DevelopmentIt’s not a question of which tools. It’s a question of a which tools fit your goals. We build websites with a purpose, websites that build your business.Read More User Interface & Design ImplementationThe goal of user interface design is to make the user's interaction as intuitive as possible.Read More
Content GenerationWriting for the web takes more than time and effort, it takes skill. There are specific ways to write for online audiences and GeekPAK can help you develop those skills. We can also provide content creation services.Read More Search Engine OptimizationThere are many techniques for improving your site’s searchability, but the most fundamental is standards compliant HTML. Beyond our basic develoment techniques we can also provide specific SEO targeted strategies to help your website get noticed.Read More
Multimedia, Streaming Audio & VideoAt GeekPAK we have a very expansive and comprehensive approach to brand. Strategy, tools and content should all be aligned to move your organization forward. GeekPAK can help you produce, shoot and ultimately publish video content and motion graphics that capture your brand and communicate in resonant ways with your key audiences.Read More Website HostingWe want you to focus on your success, not minutia. GeekPAK offers hosting exclusively for our clients only. We host your website so you don’t have to sweat the details and can instead concentrate on the business of being successful.Read More
Site Maintenance & Updates If you don't want to hassle with updates, we can make them for you. Be sure to inquire about our hourly or monthly update fees if you are interested in having GEEKPAK update your website.Read More
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