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March 25, 2008
GeekPAK developed a system to eliminate the thousands of classes and zero in on the perfect class for you.
Chicago | Brand, CMS, CRM, eBlast is one of the first websites of its kind that focuses on building online, as well as offline, communities among Chicago dance studios by offering a single destination to find all available dance classes in the Chicago area.

Carol Fox and Associates, along with funders and top representatives from the dance community, came to GeekPAK with the idea of getting more Chicagoians Dancing. If thousands of people were watching Chicago Dance, and thousands were joining the SeeChicagoDance Community, then there had to be thousands who wanted to take dance classes in the Chicago area. Noticing the absence of a website that helps people find dance classes Carol Fox and Associates decided to get funding to create one.

So you've experienced SeeChicagoDance, now it's time to TakeChicagoDance!
After SeeChicagoDance got a pat on the back from Chicago Magazine's February 2008 issue, which listed the dance site as one of Chicago's 171 best websites, Carol Fox & Associates decided to get people more involved in dance! TakeChicagoDance, unlike SeeChicagoDance, gets people out of the seat and onto their feet.

Although the two sites are distinct in their services they both deal with dance and are ultimately managed by multiple sources, so GeekPAK decided to link the two websites together in order to control both websites with a single Content Management System. This way both websites could seamlessly share photos, names, passwords, logins, and easily interrelate information between pages. This in turn would make updates easier for the manager of both websites. In a way SeeChicagoDance and TakeChicagoDance are performing a dance of there own.

Keep the users using!
As with most websites, one of the hardest objectives to meet after launching a new website is to keep users coming back. Since there was an existing audience with SeeChicagoDance, one of the top concerns for the TakeChicagoDance website was to introduce familiar elements. GeekPAK decided to build TakeChicagoDance based on the same layout as SeeChicagoDance so users felt comfortable and familiar with website navigation and hierarchy. This way, current users wouldn't have to re–learn how to navigate an entirely new website.

It's time to go dancing!
Besides being a one stop dance finding shop, TakeChicagoDance was built to callout various dance venues and hot spots around Chicago for people to cut a rug. After learning some new steps, the website gives the user's the ability to find clubs that offer the proper music to practice and showoff their new dance moves. TakeChicagoDance highlights various venues around the city that offer Swing, Ballroom, Latin, Salsa music and much more.

Over 220 dance groups adds up to a lot of dance data!
With literally thousands upon thousands of dance classes happening all over the city GeekPAK's biggest challenge wasn't showing information, but rather how not to show information. So users didn't get overwhelmed, GeekPAK designed the site to filter out options so the user could find classes more effectively. GeekPAK devised a way to have multiple sort options at different stages of the search. This way, as a user searches, they can filter the results and funnel it down to exactly what they want.

Keeping confusion at bay, GeekPAK has set up the TakeChicagoDance website for minimal user frustration. Now that's something to dance about!

Project Highlights:
+ Brand extension

+ Hot deals section for up to the minute discounted class information

+ Online subscription and member log–in

+ eblasting for branded and direct messaging

+ Multi user update capabilities from around the world

+ Dance venue display

+ Site Search

Modules used to create this site:
Content Management, Contact & Business Development Tracking, Online Scheduling & Calendar, eblast
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