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Graphic Design, Identity Development & Branding

Brand is now interactive. GeekPAK can make your brand beautiful and powerful.
Brand used to be color, logo, font. Brand used to be print.

Now brand has grown to include more and more functional components. Brand is motion. Brand is smart phones. Brand is twitter. Brand is blog. Brand is your website. Brand is push. Brand is pull. Brand is speaking. Brand is listening. Brand is now interactive.

Your web presence is increasingly more of how your customers perceive you with each passing day. Your brand should be developed by designers who understand this at a very deep level.

GeekPAK software illustrates our deep understanding of technology, interface design and interactivity. After all, we have developed our own software platform.

GeekPAK’s origins are in brand. Through our work developing brand for organizations large and small and our need to create brand compliant online experiences, GeekPAK software was born.

We understand print. We create brands. We are software developers. We can make your brand beautiful and powerful.
T:  1.888.GEEKPAK (888.433.5725)
F:  718.836.0509
346 N. Justine
Chicago IL 60607-1010
564 72nd Street
Brooklyn NY 11209
6031-F Curtier Drive
Alexandria VA 22310